By Anonymous - / Wednesday 25 November 2015 13:37 / United States - Palmer
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  ThatHorse  |  15

Then she goes into work the next day and the coworker finds out she's there and goes to HR saying that she showed up after having been fired. I can't imagine that situation being much better.

  rnarshmallow  |  21

#46 We've actually got a running joke that the accountant is HR for the kitchen where I work lol I'm not taking #17's comment too seriously but the owners or general manager would handle any HR related problems in a restaurant.

By  dyoy_87  |  21

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  ElffChikk  |  6

I mean I personally would've thought it was hilarious if it were my kid. of course if clean him up immediately, but I would die of laughter whilst doing so.

  deathmec  |  20

#93- You'd think it'd be hilarious for a sick person to sneeze in your childs face and get their snot all over? My only tip is to wear protection.

By  AnalBunny  |  9

Sounds like a sticky situation.

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