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If you were vacuuming when business was still open and customers were still there then I can see the reason why your boss fired you. If not, a quick trip to HR won't hurt. This needs a follow up.


Whatever happened to managers giving warnings or guiding staff to do what's appropriate? Bosses on FML are so trigger-happy to fire their staff. Running a vacuum cleaner even during open shop hours just does not warrant getting fired when he could simply be told to put it away and only do it between the hours of such and such. People should only be fired over grave administrative errors, unruly behavior, or prolonged incompetency.


#16; It's a joke - playing on the common "plot twist" trope. I don't even know if "Vacuum Cleaner Stores" actually exist, anymore, since this isn't the 50s. Maybe I was being too subtle.

You must have one… exciting workplace for that to cause commotion. I can imagine people gathering around the water cooler years from now to reflect on that one wild time a vacuum cleaner was on—that is assuming your office has recovered by then.


"Hey, Bill..remember that time somebody had the nerve to start up a vacuum in the office?" "Sssh! Don't bring that up around Tom. He's still seeing a therapist for the irrational fear of vacuums that incident gave him."

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