By WorkWeirdo - / Wednesday 30 March 2016 20:26 / Peru - Lima
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2 Weeks: "Ok, we're going with the first logo. Put it on a lightish background..." 1 Week: "We've decided to go with a combination of the third and fifth logo, and can you make it 3d?" Day of: "Can we go back to the first logo, change the font to something more dynamic, and can you use a warmer palette?" Hour before: "Those colors are terrible! We need something bright and vivid. Maybe chartreuse and fuchsia? And round off those corners on the letters a bit? See you at the meeting!" I feel you. So much.

You need to ask her 2 questions. #1, are you out your fucking mind? #2, where was all you're worry and advice about this project in the last couple of weeks? Then you need to tell her that yeah, you're all over it....... over the ignorance that is. Although you may want to use more tact then I have demonstrated here, I freely admit that is not one of my strong points. Good luck OP, I hope in the future you are given more guidance and support in your position.

Your boss is letting you know ahead of time that if someone doesn't like the presentation for whatever reason, she is throwing you under the bus with "I told them to change it!"

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