By ninnang / Wednesday 9 July 2014 21:37 / United States - Honolulu
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By  Soundslikeothers  |  15

I say go with it, milk this for all it is worth, see what else you can squeeze out of these people, paid time off work?


If all these people are that stupid including her boss to believe everybody else but her without any proof including an Obituary. They deserve to be taken advantage of.

By  WTF_BRAIN  |  11

Find out who started the rumor, and why?

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

It sounds more like a prank to me seeing that nobody believes OP when they say she's not dead. If someone told me their parent wasn't dead I would believe them and not say its denial. Although, using a death in the family as a prank is low. I could be wrong though, and I guess there is a possibility the entire office is just idiots for not believing OP.

  khaleesi_reyna  |  15

I was gonna say have her snap a picture of herself next to something with the current date and time on it, but that idea is even better.
Heck when she visits have her take the sympathy and flowers with her. Have her be like "these are mine now"

  foxwasalamb  |  24

your name makes your comment

By  foxwasalamb  |  24

obviously they're just trying to help, but going the wrong way about it.

  inner_peace  |  19

Going the wrong way about what? If anything, they seem to be just misinformed but are showing genuine sympathy. They're going about things the right way, but are misinformed on what's happening

  foxwasalamb  |  24

in my opinion, if i try to tell someone my mom isnt dead, i expect them to believe me, not tell me "its all part of the grieving stage, youre just in denial"

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Agreed. The fact that no one believes OP when they say their mom is alive and that the coworkers are all saying Op's in denial makes it sound like a prank to me.

By  miggymikyy  |  13

I would try finding a new job because I wouldn't like someone telling me that.

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