By Anonymous - / Thursday 20 August 2015 17:48 / United Kingdom - Glenrothes
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By  OhWhoCares  |  46

Well posting that here was not a smart move assuming that there's an ongoing report - this only adds further "evidence" or proof for your boss to take you down with. Is there a chance that it could've been a different employee who posted the situation to FML originally? Though I will say this is why reading the fine print is important. I work for a fast food restaurant and my policy states that I'm not allowed to work for certain competitors for the next 5-15 years which is kinda ridiculous in my opinion... It's important to know company policies for things like this (like talking about the company over social media).

  corky1992  |  46

The grocery store I used to work at made everyone sign a policy about complaining about the company, customers, or anything negative that could reflect back to the company. Anybody caught doing so was fired.

  skyttlz  |  46

I've never heard of that policy. I know someone that quit Burger King for McDonalds. And one of my coworkers at Dominos used to work at Pizza Hut (the only two pizza delivery places in my town- competitors)

By  sammieshortcake  |  27

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  pooldude  |  27

How did he deserve it? He didn't post the FML in the first place. But even if he had, his boss's argument is invalid as he didn't break any workplace privacy laws. Wow, now YOU are a special kind of stupid, aren't you?

  corky1992  |  27

He's stupid for posting on here after his boss clearly frowns upon it and actually a LOT of companies now are making employees sign policies about posting anything negative about the work place..considering this person was literally JUST talked to about it I'd say they're going to lose their job if the boss sees this.

  corky1992  |  27

That doesn't always matter though. Depending on the company policy they could have a problem with it. His boss clearly does if he brought up this site in the first place and then the guy went ahead and posted on here anyways. My old job no matter where you posted it, if caught you were terminated.

  Arwen_Evenstar  |  27

They'd have to prove it was him. Well except I guess you have that whole thing in some states where you can be fired for no reason, is that indefinite? It's for 2 years in the UK.


#17...I'M stupid?? This person gets in trouble for a post their boss thought they wrote on this site and their immediate reaction is to go talk sh*t on the very site? Yeah, you're right. Great career move. I bet after their boss sees this they will get a huge promotion. *eye roll*


#8 & 98, we get that it's ironic OP would come on here and make a post. Yes, any consequences that OP may face from now on are theirs to face. However, the boss assumed OP posted that past posting. On top of that, it was a year ago. None of which proves that OP posted the original FML that the boss read in the first place. If OP is fired, OP can call for wrongful termination. Either way, it's bullsh** the accusations that OP is facing...

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