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How is blocking a friend's phone number until they apply for a job a joke? That doesn't make sense to me. Just borrow a phone if you can, or if there's still pay phones there, use one of those.

Hey, try getting a job for the airport! Then make some money for a new phone and call your best friend to pick you up after you quit! No, but seriously, there should be public phones at the airport you can use, at least at the ones I've been to.

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#22, there's no reason to insult Trip for what was obviously a joke. If you can't take gentle teasing and stupid solutions, you're on the wrong comedy website. Visit actual advice columns for that.

that's not very nice of her I suggest calling another friend to pick you up and then, jokingly, make her feel guilty for not being there when you needed her that or borrowing a phone from someone to call her

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