By falling short - / Friday 20 March 2015 15:26 / India - Mumbai
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  JoshNotWright  |  7

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  DoomedGemini  |  37

Preferences ARE part of s relationship whether people want to admit it or not. So that's a deal breaker, you can't really help that. What's shitty of her is to admit feelings for him when she didn't have intentions of dating him.


Why is it completely acceptable for a girl to refuse to date a short guy but a guy who refuses to date a fat girl is an insensitive asshole? And you can lose weight, but you can't just grow a few inches.

  Flyndaran  |  10

False equivalency. It's okay for anyone to refuse to date anyone for any reason, period. The right to choose who you date belongs to you and you alone. No one deserves to date you against your wishes and preferences.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

There's nothing wrong with a guy refusing to date a heavier girl. Everyone can say that they only want personality all they want but the truth is being attracted to someone is a big thing, and most people have physical things they like or dislike. People are called "shallow" but the fact is it's hard to make a relationship work if you are not FULLY attracted to them, both personality and physically

By  JOFreeman  |  13

Well, ..... Shit....

Sorry for you. Jeep trying...

  slingerslasher  |  24


*braces for the downvotes*

  sehrgutmann  |  19

I wear shoes that make me 3in taller all the time they really work! I'm thinking of buying dress shoes too that increase height by 4 in so my gf can wear heels when we need to dress up.

  iiTzNeeNerz  |  26

I agree. Communication is key. Pull her aside, grab a chair, sit down or stand on it if you need to... Jk, but seriously, talk to her about that. She may or may not be that shallow. I'm pretty tall and I've been attracted to quite a few guys shorter than me but never pursued anything more with them not because I didn't want to, but I assumed THEY would be uncomfortable with my height. Maybe she brought it up to see if you had an issue with the (slight) height difference between you two. Idk. Best of luck, OP!

  JazNim17  |  16

Agreed as well. This girl needs to figure out what is really important to her: her feelings for this guy or his height. I used to say I would never date a guy shorter than me, but then I met a guy that I just clicked with, and suddenly it didn't matter that he was two inches shorter than me. OP's friend needs to figure out her priorities.

By  NotPatSajak  |  11

She really is stooping low in her expectations in guys.

By  SideOfTheAngels  |  23

Tall girl problems:short guy problems. That sucks, but there are heaps of girls who'd go out with shorter guys - the fault is in her mentality, not the fact she is taller. Hopefully you aren't takin it too hard :)

  hockeygoalie13  |  14

I totally agree! My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 6 years now, but when we started dating I was 7 inches taller than him. Now we are the same height. It has in no way affected any part of our relationship.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

So... You were in middle school when you started dating and he had a growth spurt? Or did you shrink in the wash? How do you close a 7 inch height difference??

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