By MumMatters - / Friday 9 September 2016 10:26 / Germany - Hamburg
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By  itsalanis  |  24

Perhaps they had a legitimate reason to go such as other work or a family matter. Most people don't just end their job abruptly. Well, at least I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt.

  heyLaddieHey  |  18

"Better spent on an exorcist" is a pretty clear indication that the babysitter is done with OP'S kid(s). Babysitter isn't quitting suddenly either, s/he warned OP to find a replacement.

  itsalanis  |  24

Oh no. How the hell did I miss that last part? Well then, I stand fully corrected. That girl is just a twat. It was early in the morning and based on what you've seen I'm easily coerced into leaning towards the brighter side of things. I accept my downvotes.

  missymaster  |  16

Hyper kids are high spirited. Entitled assholes are entitled assholes. Maybe OP should try being a better parent and discipline their little demon once in a while.

By  RememberSchlitz  |  9

A savage response, a bridge burned, a less-than-stellar response to any questions about recommendations. Seems fair.

  Burle  |  14

That's a lot of judgment, how do you know the fault doesn't lie with the nanny? Maybe she's incompetent. You just assume bad parenting? Think of how the op will feel when they see your comment

  Burle  |  14

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? There's absolutely no proof that it's the parents fault and not the nanny. We're a bunch of strangers on the internet making judgments on people's lives, don't think your comments don't have an effect

  Burle  |  14

How do you know what the root cause is? You don't. You assume the worst and then feel entitled to tell someone they can't parent.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Probably because many people have experience with bratty kids? While it may not be op's fault, it's up to then to correct it. Trying to bribe a nanny to stay isn't trying to correct it, it's trying to get them to put up with the behavior.

By  fabulousfiasco  |  12

If someone feels this way about your child, it is best to find a replacement. I wouldn't want my child to spend time with someone who doesn't care for him.


Then maybe your child shouldn't be a complete asshole like it sounds like OP's is. I once babysat two kids who after I left told their mom that I locked them out of the house for an hour; all because I didn't let them play their playstation (which their mom told me she didn't want them playing all day).

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