By EmployeeOfTheMonth - / Saturday 27 June 2009 07:03 / United States
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By  lmmmr  |  0


  LogicLover  |  0

No, you're right, if the OP is a teenager. He's more then likely in his 30's, maybe late 20's. So self control should be natural by now. Unless he still lives in mom's basement. And I'm calling bs. There is no way the boss patted your leg high enough to make contact with even the tip of your erection. Unless she was trying to do so, in which case she was more than likely very close to your inner thigh. Otherwise, I refuse to believe you are a horse with no self control.

  lmmmr  |  0

He clearly "had the erection" before she touched him (assuming the impossible validity of his claim), which came from his lack of self control because he "couldn't take his eyes off her legs." Had he looked her in the face like a normal human being, the situation would have been avoided. Simple YDI.

  SpicyDuck  |  22

exactly what I think. There is no way she would touch you there...unless it was on purpose. and if it was then something would have happened for sure. but from what you say, it didnt sound like she was trying to show interest.

  Firegod83  |  2

lmmmr, you really need to either stop posting or get off the high horse. I'm sure im not the only one noticing you are constantly attacking men in your posts. Seriously, we get it, you can stop with it now.

  rileybrownie  |  0

self control... psht most men have none if a girl has a large chest they r bound to look it a girl with sexy curves is wearing something sexy and skin tight they r most likely gunna check her out...

  thereitgo  |  1

Newsflash: it's not funny after the first time. We all understood the reference without you quoting the song.

  humorizer  |  14

JEANNIE! STOP LIVING IN A DREAM, YOU'RE LOST IN THE WOODS, NO PLACE TO GO.... THERE'S SOMEONE... WHO NEEDS YOU!!!! NEWSFLASH! In der nachte zeite, Lulz. +5 points to anyone who gets the reference.

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