By waiting till marriage, she said - / Wednesday 10 June 2015 15:28 / United States - Pasadena
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  logicnazi  |  18

I'd say 60/40 cuz she changed her FB; this implies intentional deception on her part.

  CoGhostRider  |  31

Well she did set her Facebook to single maybe she convinced the brother they were separated.

  NickACD  |  27

Let your brother off with a harsh beating because he is family but kill the bitch.

  logicnazi  |  18

To the above: Really?^

To OP: I'm just mad that you stated she was your EX in the post.

Now instead of "you should break up with her OP! Good luck!" comments, we get "why did your brother bang your ex?" comments.

I actually applaud your attempt to mix things up, however the mass public needs order to function.

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