By drunkenloser - / Friday 20 September 2013 07:22 / United States
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  fsomelife  |  26

The funny thing is that because AA meetings are anonymous, there aren't really any statistics on the success rate. Unless you're speaking from personal experience, in which case the word "usually" is a bit suspicious :P

By  grahmagog  |  14

hey it happens

  LaughinStock  |  16

No, no it doesn't well for me that is; I'll use my phone on the toilet but different strokes for different folks. Most of my dad's family suffers from alcoholism, receive help op.

By  ChawanKiti  |  15

If you know you're an alcoholic, admitting it on FML isn't going to fix anything, go and get help instead of posting it to us. Good luck.

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