By Anonymous - / Sunday 29 March 2015 15:17 / Canada - Toronto
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By  whateves997  |  19

Then take his damn advise!! There's probably a rime and reason for it!!

  Alup132  |  18

Rime, rhyme, the other words rhymed, double pun. I think this is my favorite comment on here.

  TheCookieComet  |  23

He cant just grow a pair out of the blue that happens in the mothers womb

By  alexcknott  |  8

That's when you tell him that you grew his pair

By  pjsr  |  31

If you feel a need to post that, you probably do need to grow a pair and man up

By  aruden  |  25

Tell him his mom thought you were a guy with a pair when you were doing her to conceive him

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