By Anonymous - / Sunday 3 January 2010 06:20 / United States
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By  h_a_v_o_cxx  |  0


seen it on here :/

By  broken_chaos  |  0

Whomever said "twenty six" -- assuming you're talking about the basic Latin, English alphabet, anyway. Some foreign (even Latin-based) languages have more or (in rare cases, I think) fewer letters. An example of this is Spanish, which tends to count all of 'ch', 'll', and 'ñ' as letters in the alphabet, even though they're not basic, single Latin characters. Non-Latin based languages can have *vastly* higher numbers of letters/characters to deal with, such as Asian languages.

By  Muralove  |  0

It's alright. I didn't know that the colour orange and the fruit orange were spelt the same up until a few days ago >_>..

  lazytown  |  0

Kill yourself.


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By  Bansheethekilla  |  2

honostly who the fuck cares if you messed up. i guarentee you half the people in the word dont know how many abcs there are *ahem*24

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