By UngratefulBrat / Friday 28 December 2012 07:03 / United States - New York
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By  Luxord33  |  8

Sounds like she's a spoiled BEE-ATCH!

  free2speak  |  14

Calling kids a "bitch"? That's taking it a little too far. A brat, maybe.

By  oj101  |  33

Honesty is always the best policy...

Well, perhaps not so in this case. What a brat. Everyone these days knows the price of things, but not the value of it. He could have at least thanked you for doing the gesture in the first place.

By  wholikesbacon  |  9

If he asks what it's made of scream, "YOUR MUM'S CHEST HAIR!" That'll shut him up.

  watermelon1  |  34

OP should try to return his/her nephew and get a respectful, less spoiled one instead.

By  ycrem0n  |  20

The gift obviously didn't have enough swag in it.

By  FitForFun  |  11

I would of gone all "back in my day" on him and said "oh yeah? Back in my day we used to play with only the box that thing came in!"

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