By Anonymous - / Thursday 4 November 2010 23:54 / United States
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I usually squat over open man holes when I really have to go. Especially when I'm 5 years old and could quite possibly fall in and die. But y'know, if you gotta go...

  supernice  |  0

the kid is five, the parent should expect their son to do stupid stuff and they should pay more attention. a 5 year old could have easily fallen down and died.

  bamagrl410  |  31

Seriously. OP needs to learn to keep an eye on the kid rather than the store window. He couldn't walked into the street and gotten hot by a car or been snatched up from the sidewalk by someone. Not necessarily very likely, but probably just as likely as the fact that he took a dump in a manhole hahaha.


Today, I was carrying my four-month-old son in a checkout line. An older couple behind us remarked that I would spoil my son if I carried him everywhere. My son responded by projectile vomiting all over the wife, then looked at me and giggled. FML

By Pandamomma - / Monday 21 July 2014 12:58 / United States - Dunn

Today, I was driving my family home, when my 7 year old son had to pee. Having long since passed any rest stops, I made him use a bottle. Once he was done, he grenaded the bottle out the window, hitting someone's windshield dead on. FML

By wtfson / Monday 13 December 2010 07:35 /
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