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Few things are really "out of reach" with kids, lol. I used to be able to climb out of my crib as soon at a little older than 1 when i started walking, I'm sure a five year old can make the microwave not out of reach anymore.

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Not really into the iPhone myself, mostly because I can't afford it, but OP can spend his money on what he wants. However, typically speaking, people who have the money to pay that for a phone, have the money to pay that for a new one and a new microwave. OP: I must agree with number 1, that your daughter shouldn't be allowed near your microwave, nor should you leave your brand new, 3G iPhone in her reach.


Yeah they can buy what they want if they can afford it I guess... I just think, if you can afford to do that, why not put the money to better use?


Sociologically speaking, you conform every time you: -Buy groceries -Get gas -Ride public transportation -Buy a video game -Use a social network -Do anything at all that was set up by someone else. So stop trying to act like Android/etc, is, like sooo original, 'cause you had to conform to buy one. The only way to NOT conform would be to build your own cell phone that uses your own network on your own cell towers. TL;DR Shut the fuck up with your hippie talk.

Seems like she's been watching too much "Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This?" I guess the answer was, "Yes!"

That does suck. But one has to wonder how much you cared about said items, if they were kept within easy reach of a five year old...?


You guys really understimate five-year-olds. THEY'RE VICIOUS! D: lolz But seriously, at five a kid can do alot, we aren't talking toddlers at this point.

Lol Ydi Ive learned a LONG time ago NOT to leave young ones like alone for no more than a second.. And the whole time I cant see em Im worried LOL.,,

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