By Anonymous - / Friday 4 February 2011 05:42 / United States
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  juliahockey  |  0

they just gotta pay...

  Jimmmmmy  |  5

makes me think of the movie shallow hal lol

  Po1ntBlank  |  0

shallow Hal! good movie

  remotepath  |  0

op should join in and make it a round figure 1000

  SassiestLemon  |  2

OMG 50 u beat me to the punch! grr

  Goldendesu  |  0

Wait, unless OP's roomate is a girl (since OP is a guy), then his roomate is gayyy...?

  megapeyt  |  17

I wonder what the bed is rated for? I know most pick up trucks are only half ton so hmmm...

Food for thought. Epic win with that comment by the way

By  waswashere  |  0

that's so hot

  kingtz  |  6

What kind of fat cheerleaders weigh 133 lbs?

  bruinbigman55  |  0

it is for cheerleaders where I come from


alright let me try...Imagine that there is this grown man. this man has some goats and one day he was curious. The man decided to have sex with one of the goats. he was satisfies. a couple months past and some how that goat got pregnant and had...goatlets? the family decided to sell the goats for some money and they couldn't afford to keep them. that man cried for he thought the goats had "his eyes". hope that helped get ride of that mental image.

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