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Actually, my own bedtime was 9:30, before that I was allowed to read but not to leave my room (to prepare myself to sleep, no electronics, no bright lights, etc ...), I had to go to the bathroom before my brother went to sleep, most of the time it was okay, but every once in a while I was having a hard time falling asleep and not going to the bathroom became harder, but my parents were really strict on that matter, bedtime really was no joke. Although I agree with some of the comments, I think m


Setting an example means not doing stupid stuff that your younger sibling could mimic which would get them into trouble. It doesn't mean you should be treated or act in the same way as your younger sibling. You are at different maturity levels, so you have different needs, to treat a kid as if they're a different age really messes with them. I understand your parents wanting quality time, but they could have done that better. Set reasonable rules, like after 830 you can't interrupt them or som


Oh dear! How old are you OP? This living arrangement makes boarding school seem attractive. Hang in there, and good luck! :)


That was a while ago actually, we don't live in that house anymore, and we couldn't trade rooms because mine was bigger and very frankly it never crossed my mind.

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Small kids need at least 10 hours of sleep a night. I'm a babysitter and 8.30 is actually quite late compared to times I've had to kids to bed/arrived at the parent's home and they were already in bed...

He's four and that's old enough to learn to resist temptation. I wouldn't stomp past his room a lot, but it won't hurt to pass quietly once or twice.

My Daughter, Rayna, is three and she knows that once she has been tucked in, she's in there for the night. Generally it takes 15 minutes for her to go to sleep. I could understand not stomping past your brothers room while he is awake, but after that he shouldn't be able to hear you... unless you have extremely loud floors....

That's a parental excuse for not having to get out of the couch and check on him in the evening. If they are strict enough to impose a bedtime, they should be able to deal with him trying to get up without their permission. You must argue your case.

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