The illustrated FMLs

Today, my 3-year-old daughter came along, pointing a finger at me. I pretended to eat it by putting it in my mouth. She then said to me with disgust, "Why are you eating my booger?" Ah, that explains the saltiness… FML

By ManchotDesAndes / Thursday 26 February 2015 07:35 / France - Bezons
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By  hunter1213800  |  5

You need to burn your mouth now

  CAC_Boomerang  |  21

With a comment like that #1, maybe it's you who needs to "burn" their mouth.


When I was about three I ran naked to find my mum, she kissed my baby bum cheek [that's normal - I saw it on a baby lotion advert] when I said I'd found her because we had run out of toilet paper...

By  hedgedcats  |  19

Hopefully she just laughs and forgets.

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