By u raised him - / Saturday 10 February 2018 01:30 /
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By  ChakatBlackstar  |  27

That's horrible! Not only is he a criminal, but he's a stupid criminal. Bank robberies nowadays only average a 4000 dollar take even IF you succeed, which most don't due to the amount of security these days. And at a place where he's likely to be recognized too.

  Mortimer14  |  8

Not too sure about your figures. My bank was robbed of $25,000. They are still looking for the robber two years later.

I asked if they were able to slip a dye pack into the loot and was told that they are not allowed to do that (I assume some kind of law that I didn't know about).


Today, I found out why my thesis supervisor made me change my whole project I was working on for the past 3 months. Apparently, he had another student doing the same thing and they published it today. FML

By mixedupminx - / Monday 6 February 2017 15:06 / Netherlands - Wageningen
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