By Mojo0608 - / Sunday 2 November 2014 21:28 / United Kingdom
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toilet paper with rings drawn? I feel its more destructive and satisfying to watch as you piss it to shreds


Paint a fly on the inside of the toilet bowl. Us men are proven to have better aim when we have something to aim at.

By  gpg5

Next time he goes in hold the door shut until he cleans up. He'll get desperate enough he'll clean up, mainly out of hunger.


The kid is 16, and assuming the door opens inward and locks from the inside, this could be somewhat harder than it sounds. I suggest slowly taking things apart. Leave him a note stating that for every day the bathroom is not cleaned, one screw will go missing from something important. Then, start small. Just a screw out of the chair he always sits in, and watch him fall. And then, slowly work up. Go however far is necessary! Brake lines can really get his attention! WARNING: this last method

Boys. We have a sign up on our bathroom door that says "If you sprinkle when you tinkle please be neat and wipe the seat!"


Ugh, the realities of living with brothers! I had 2 older brothers and although they didn't pee all over the place, like Op's brother, they would sometimes get a drop on the seat that I would end up sitting in. So gross! I was also grossed out with the hair all over the bathroom so I ended up using my parents bathroom and sharing it with them. At least I knew it was always clean. My parents totally understood and thankfully let me use theirs till my brothers moved out.

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