By BobsBabe2 / Wednesday 24 October 2012 05:15 / United States
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Just don't let him invite over his friends Katniss Evergreen and Peeta MellOHMYGOSHYOUSTINK!

  Drigr  |  8

Axe isn't really that bad aside from the bodyspray. None of the shampoos I used were over the top. I bounce between Phoenix and Chocolate bodywash + deodorant and while the bodywash may be a bit strong for the first 10 minutes or so, its still not too bad and the deodorant seems to actually work pretty good.

  crystalxa  |  35

My boyfriend is the same way. I can smell him coming from a mile away! Some of them smell really good, but usually they are a little too strong especially when its complete body care!

  WritingWrongs  |  8

"Ooh, commercial show pretty women like that stuff. Maybe I wear that stuff, pretty women like me too. Me buy! ME BUY NOW!" (Just read that in a cave man accent.)

  sallyfastcat  |  2

When I read this, I imagined the girls rubbing the guy's head down south. Then I got outraged on why they would air a commercial like that on tv. But then I realized I just had a fucked up dirty mind.

  xxenforcerxx  |  4

does it count that some axe sprays get my girlfriend all over me..?

  farkie3  |  8

44, not really. I mean, I've been drinking the stuff for weeks and it's not done anything for me yet. It must work differently if you're in a relationship.

By  spikey818  |  9

Atleast he will smell good and have ladies all over him right?

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