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By Coyote - / Monday 17 May 2010 23:00 / United States
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  ericownz101  |  0

i call bullshit. coyotes are skittish and dont mess with people especially not groups. if it was a wolf, maaybe. but not a bloody coyote. i live in the deserts of nevada and seen plenty of coyotes yet never had one charge

  TaterSalad187  |  5

i'm curious OP, what did you do for it to attack? cause normally a coyote would never attack because they have a natural fear of humans. something tells me you're withholding some info.

  darckirra  |  0

Op, they only bluff if you show how big and scary you are. Like with dogs, it's all about intimidating and commanding respect. Of course sometimes they will bite you anyway. Then you punch them on the snout. They will let go then. Unless of course it's rabid. But you wouldn't be posting if it was. You would be in the hospital. 23, they will attack if they think you are a threat to their cubs. Which a good posibility.

  BlueTwist89  |  0

#9, OP could have written this after he/she got back from trip or off a cellphone. There's FML apps that allow this. All you need is 3g or 2g or w/e your phone has.

  zmandude6  |  3

I HEV to agree with #23, you must have done something to piss it off. and were you throwing food at it? not only does that piss it off but it also thinks you have more food now.lol

  Adrian66_fml  |  0

If you can't handle a coyote coming after you, you deserve to get attacked. Coyotes are like the bitches of the canine world. Unless there's about three or more of them, they're almost no threat.

  happyhak  |  5

I agree with Intoxicunt (#7), #5 are you lactose intolerent to common sense?! Because someone hasn't died it doesn't qualify as an FML??? FMLs are funny stories that screw with people's day, not a tragic death story written by someone who has already died. Intoxicunt has once again outshun the stupidity of the majourity of FML with her intelliigence. But, seriously, how retarded can you get?

  RedPillSucks  |  30

@happyhak, Duh! Obviously you're not familiar with the power of the internet. It's a proven fact that people from beyond the grave have been able to communicate via the internet or their mobile phones (ATT only). So clearly, there would have been some FMLs from dead people. But perhaps they wouldn't care.

  MrBrick  |  0

omg this reminds me of one time i saw a hurt coyote i threw my sandwich infront of him. an hour later he was infront of my car haha. he didnt do anything though

  aeroliontvw  |  4

that's true so long as it isn't a mixed breed. a pure blooded coyote typically won't attack anything alive that's bigger than a rabbit because they are primarily scavengers. unless it is dieased of course (rabies etc...). however, a coyote that is mixed with maybe a dog or wolf will attack larger prey.

  Lexi_Luvz_Ya  |  0

Lactose intolerant? To COMMON SENSE? Lactose intolerant is allergy to milk, not just a general allergy. Sorry, don't mean to troll. Just wante to help you out before you meet a REAL grammar Nazi. 

By  TheVanGirlsing  |  0

oh wow. and that's when you rake in the big $$$$ sueing the park. have fun with your new laguna beach mansion...

  lillylove_fml  |  6

baysikaley me an a cuppel of ma dum frinds wint ona walk in tha wuds cuz we felt like it thin a big ole kiowte jump rite owta nowhare and bit me rite on tha but!! tru

  imlagginglol  |  0

You can't sue for this, but you can get brought up with Federal charges for tampering with wildlife in a National park. But that's if you want to be dumb and sue for something that was obviously the OPs fault

  tekcor  |  2

Lilly, I really hope you are using some really awful dictation software and you speak with a slack-jaw. Otherwise you've got an FML of your own: "Today, I realized I spell worse than I five-year-old. I'm in high school. FML."

  noscope_ftw  |  0

how's it ops fault? the ranger said don't worry if they charge they're bluffing... that's y he could sue, a ranger gave him false Info which led to an attack...

  sarabraun8  |  7

uhhhh you and some of your dumb friends? you sound like the dumbest of ur fruends. well stop talkin like that. it's just ignorant and annoying. you sound like u wanna be black and not just a regular guy.. u wanna be a black dude from one of them alleys back in the eighties. grow up and along with ur language.

By  cmac86  |  21

I call bullshit. I live in the central part of Arkansas, and I frequently see coyotes, but they have never come close to me or anyone in my neighborhood. They've killed rabbits around the golf course I live by, but never have they approached a human.

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