By trojan72 - / Tuesday 13 June 2017 00:00 /
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By  AGiftForAnya  |  8

Maybe your boss took that joke as a sign that you didn't want to work extra anymore. Like: "you might as well make me fulltime now" to reinforce that you are actually parttime and should be treated as such

  GhostFox  |  33

Seems more likely that the boss didn't want to risk OP pulling enough hours to count as full time because of some reason- usually it's because businesses don't have to give benefits to part timers, but if someone is working enough hours to qualify as full time, they become entitled to benefits.


Today, while working in a call center at a university, someone threatened to report me to the President of the University because "I" wouldn't accept their daughter who had a 1.5 GPA and "got accepted into Harvard". I don't even make the decisions, I just answer calls. FML

By latinalocks / Friday 20 June 2014 04:59 / United States

Today, I was in charge of taking a delivery of new office chairs for the meeting room at work. The delivery men took the old chairs, but left without delivering the new ones. I can't get in contact with them, and we have a big meeting first thing tomorrow. FML

By ansarias - / Tuesday 3 February 2015 14:35 / United Kingdom - London
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