By Anonymous - / Thursday 15 January 2015 15:12 / United States
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By  iop330  |  22

Just remember that Jesus wants you pure.

Well, That's what I tell myself.

  cdawg69  |  10

I would..

  Mr23  |  9

Well, #82, you know, condoms were invented for a reason. That ebing said, it's massively unethical to feed someone's addiction, doubly so if you're there as part of the effort to cure them.

By  iop330  |  22

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  Llama_Face89  |  33

Hey if Jesus wanted us to be pure he wouldn't have been slumming around with a prostitute.

  Mr23  |  9

FORMER prostitute. And ALLEDGEDLY. You know what? Apologize to Mary right now, or you're not getting into heaven. No one disses Jesus' GF.

By  spacey_blueberry  |  18

Well maybe you can change that ;)

  EmoKami  |  21

That's only if we continue to put such high expectations in our first time. Sex is awkward the first time usually, and sometimes can turn people off of sex, especially if they've been waiting for marriage with someone, and then it happens to be bad or painful.(since I hear it can be for girls?)

  azarel88  |  11

not lie my first time was pretty good and a lot of fun dunno how but went for like 2 hours, back was all scratched up. 10/10 night.

By  1nertia  |  15

Pretty sure there logic to change that. 0 is countless, therefore, you've slept with countless people... Which then makes you easy... Don't follow my advice actually.

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