By Anonymous - / Wednesday 6 January 2010 21:15 / United Kingdom
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By  kushi_fml  |  1

i believe it, ppl are so inconsiderate, just like the ones who are calling fake right now
you are probably the same ones who would not help a person in need and u know it
if u see someone who needs help, be a HUMAN and HELP THEM. fuken retards.

By  devendra_fml  |  0

you were walking in the middle of the road?

  evangldbrg  |  0

Why did the woman cross the road?
Fuck if I know, but if she was in the kitchen she wouldn't have gotten hurt to begin with

By  aguacomm  |  0

first haha

By  Soulathyia  |  0

Tommorow sit on your porch with a Nerf Gun (or a real gun) and shoot at everybody including people in cars. When they ask wtf you're doing tell them it's payback! Oh or throw Olive Oil all over the road and the sidewalk!

By  lyndis_fml  |  0

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