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Give her a break, she got excited and came in early. That would be slightly better(sliiightly) if OP was a guy. But anyways.. Pay attention to the people on stage and the stage director.


^win and if OP is the lead, why would it take two acts until they finally appear? doesn't the lead usually start in the first act?


48- scenes, not acts. And maybe they were in Act I Scene 1, then exit and don't appear until Act I scene 4. Just a thought.

There wasn't like a director are someone who got everyone lined up so you knew when it was your turn? ....well that's weird,Just hold your head up,don't feel too bad about it,it was just a mistake.


Ummm, no it's still there. The iPhone app doesn't allow you to do that voting thing so we still see it. I want to poke my eyes out!

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