By Anonymous - / Wednesday 9 February 2011 07:32 / United States
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I hired an egg once too. It didn't end well, but it was over easy enough! Humpty Dumpty was his name! So Humpty Dumpty, bit too much shell and not enough yolk, gets this bright idea to ditch work and sit on a frikkin wall! What a fun guy, right?! Well now Humpty, in the midst of all this inane wall-sitting, gets hit by an alien frisbee, and loses his balance! Unfortunately for him, this terrible accident causes him to fall tumbling to the ground, scrambled instantly. Well I, like a boss, a good

Ohh don't you worry. I think everyone knows you have some serious problems now. Get your head straight and try again, otherwise you are going to have a tough time joining the work force. Alternatively you could always claim this as a disability and go on benefits. Stupid is a disability right?

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