By Anonymous / Thursday 19 May 2011 02:48 / United States
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  LetItRise  |  0

sorry man, on the bright side you can now save money from not spending it on dog things

By  Awahso  |  25

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  Oohgaloof  |  0


Anyways, OP's having monetary problems, yet he hasn't figured out how this is a blessing from the all-mighty. Don't you see, OP, dogs are edible. Just change chicken to doggen, and all is well. Because, as you know, if life gives you lemons, you got to make lemonade.

By  LolaD18  |  1

Yeah, you should quit your job ASAP and get s better paying, and less disgusting job...FYL

  alaskasfml  |  0

maybe he wanted the job so he can help save and rescue animals that were abandoned, run aways, neglected, abused, etc and find them good homes and this, sadly, came with the job. cops get their job to help save and protect people, let's see you tell them "you should quit your job asap and do something less disgusting." if they post an fml about a horrible crime scene and how they had to investigate it. slightly exaggerated response to compare the two. but sometimes people do what they love, even if it doesn't always give us roses.

By  Yousuck24  |  21

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  Yousuck24  |  21

Okay, I missed the part about how it's his dog, FYL, that would hurt.

By  dezinspaaace  |  0

well...someone has got to do it, op. but fyl and hopefully things will get better. :/

  Beebow_fml  |  5

Well the job can only get better, unless he gets a new dog and has to clean that one up too.

  parte_perdiz  |  0

93 the dog could have dug out of a kennel or the fence could have broken or any of those things. I live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by fields so our dog isn't even in a kennel or tied up. just because the dog was not caged doesn't mean it was neglected.

By  Elwin93  |  9

I'm sorry for your loss OP, but I still think you should keep your dog in the house or on a leash. So he couldn't even run on the streets.

By  iLazy  |  0

Well at least you have less to spend since Dog Food is now out of the grocery list.

By  dreamering  |  16

Be proud. You're an officer. You're in control ... of dead animals.

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