By anonymous / Monday 13 January 2014 01:40 / United States - Upper Darby
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  That_Ginger  |  18

Yep, she came right out of a giant cake.

  firefighter925  |  18

I guess she friends with the monster that's under her sheets

By  Bulldozer36  |  21

Umm yeah, that's kinda disturbing you'd yell that at home.

  JadeStonewolf  |  5

My best friend walks around her house and says it at her mom. xD
"amanda I want you to clean the dishes"
"Yeah? well I want a big booty hoe, but we don't always get what we want."
Her mom laughs at it.

  Altoniel  |  1

2 chainz actually graduated from college with really good grades believe it or not, so he is most likely the smartest raper out there and if his rap career ends up going down the drain he would have a college degree to fall on

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