By myrkes - / Thursday 10 September 2015 11:09 / Switzerland
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true BUT depending on where you buy from there is no guarantee when it will arrive. I purchased something from etsy for my father's Christmas gift and it took 2 months to arrive so he didn't get his gift until February. always make sure there is a shipping option that allows for faster shipping so you know when you will get it.

Explain it to her. A true friend will try to help you. Mind you if she really can't help you though, her wedding IS tomorrow. I hope you can resolve SOMETHING and unless your friend is a massive asshole I doubt she'll completely lose it over something you have no control over. Best of luck to you and congrats to your friend. :)

If you're not in the wedding the dress shouldn't matter. Everything takes longer by mail, you need order it more than a month out. It does suck for you but at the same time YDI for not planning ahead.

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