By Livewire - / Sunday 1 January 2012 01:22 / United States
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  candiicane  |  12

Exactly! I traded in the usual drunken sloppy party mess for a night at Niagara Falls and casino with my parents and boyfriend, and had a great day (plus winning some money helped!)... I spent every new years as a child with my parents, wouldn't have it any other way.

  racerapj  |  10

Agree 250%. I went out with some friends and family and bust open some fireworks and wine and an Xbox for the new years. ( I know, I know; crap load of grammatical errors. I was typing fast and I'm currently trying to multitask)

By  So2011  |  4

That is so bad. Well, maybe next year if your still alive, you can have your own holiday party.

  SirFmlsAlot  |  5

I would not really wanna spend time with a five year old either

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