By pegsue89 / Sunday 1 January 2017 02:45 / United States
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By  finalyearsofhate  |  22

Hate to break it to you, but most sinus infections are viral. It's highly unlikely to be anything bacterial since you should still be finishing a 10 day course of antibiotics from the last infection anyhow. Rest, fluids, and a decongestant should be enough. Overuse of antibiotics is a really bad thing.

  Mauskau  |  34

Antibiotics aren't even needed for strep throat either. This is why so many bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, people are using them for everything when they don't need them. It's just a cold, take some paracetamol, drink lots of water and eat soft foods, and you'll be fine within a few days. Every time my doctor has prescribed me antibiotics in the last few years it's when they didn't know what to give me and said "take these, they might help". I didn't even use the prescription because I don't want antibiotics, I just never cashed it in. My body has fought off whatever it was within a few days anyway.

  lee47_fml  |  5

Strep throat kills ... that is a particular type of bacteria in a throat infection, not a general sore throat. The bacteria that kills is Streptococcus, Group A. If a sore throat persists more than 3 days, get yourself to the Dr.

  pegsue89  |  2

The doctor tested me. Both were bacterial infections. And the antibiotics for strep don't treat or prevent sinus infections. I had to discontinue the strep meds and start on a different 10day course.

By  mariri9206  |  32

Try again for Valentine's Day.

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