By Anonymous - / Thursday 22 August 2013 17:56 / Philippines - Dasmari?as
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  OneGirlTwoCups  |  13

Filipino dads can be pretty crazy- (assuming OPs dad is Filipino) I know from experience since I have Filipino parents and they probably wouldn't even let OP order anything because of the colonoscopy. Crap meant that as a reply for #2 sorry

  Booda_Shun  |  28

Asshole dad strikes again.

  SarMarJo  |  17

I second this. I was in my 24 hour "no solids" gap before surgery (on my birthday) and my family took me out to eat just to "be funny". So, I ordered the most expensive things I could find that I knew my family wouldn't eat ;)

  Snowkeys  |  11

I think you missed most of the fml. He can only eat jello and chicken broth.

By  Pauschinator  |  22

He just wanted to have a family dinner before your colonoscopy.

  Booda_Shun  |  28

Because it was THAT hard for him to be considerate and have a more modest dinner.

By  brainymes  |  30

Order and eat as much as you can, and do your colonoscopy later. That'll show him.

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