By VedaLynn / Monday 3 December 2012 23:01 / United States
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By  Baustigt  |  40

Well it all seems ridiculous now, but the same thing happened to me.

I tried iced tea for the first time four years ago. Oh, it was all fun and games at first. I'd drink it on the weekends or those long summer days beside the pool. I was young and reckless. And before I knew it, there I was, sucking the remnants from a teabag I found on the floor in Mary's Tea and Treacle.

Don't be like me, OP. Oh, heaven help you, don't be like me.

By  puggy74  |  5

Overly concerned much?

  RvidxrKlvn  |  8

Very much. This is why people over do it when they're at the legal age to drink, their parents never showed them how to drink responsively.

  RvidxrKlvn  |  8

15- I agree completely. My comment was directed more at the people that abuse it.

  Baustigt  |  40

Every so often in my life I'll reach a crossroads where I have to make a choice: should I be a better person and inform the fool that he's being mocked? Or should I leave the fool to perish by the weight of his own foolishness? Oh, decisions.

Ah, I can't do it. I'm just too noble. 17, you should have used the word "responsibly". You're being mocked, you damn fool.

  RvidxrKlvn  |  8

Baustigt, either i am too tired or i really am stupid but i still don't get it. Lol. I'll just accept this fail i guess.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

It's actually illegal to take someone's ID from them unless you are law enforcement with a reason to. OP is an adult so if he wanted to be very mean about it he could report it.

By  igetitincum2win  |  11

Go to the dmv and get another one if it is not closed, but the lines areva bitch.aww im sorry op..happy b-day!!!

  DA14573  |  6

While I admit, you should of never had it taken away in this first place, this was the first thing that came to mind. The second thing that came to mind was : There is nothing wrong with living at home, but if they are that crazy, move out.

  nnnope  |  26

#3 is right, to an extent...OP can go to the DMV to have the ID duplicated, but DMVs tend to have awful hours. OP should remind his/her dad that what he did is against the law, and then have his/her ID duplicated anyway.

  MitChell127  |  5

52- From your World of Warcraft reference I can't help but think that the Odin's Raven thing is a reference to Smite, the greatest game ever. You do play right? Or do you have some secret Norse mythology religion I am unaware of?

  ksuth  |  25

I'm not sure if its the same everywhere, but where I live it costs money to get a new ID, so if it were me, I would be getting mine back from my dad.

By  andrevittorstar  |  6

Well drinking is bad for you anyways and he's not doing it to ruin your life he's just concerned about your health

  MDTeddy  |  13

Some people just don't drink. I don't either. I can't see myself drinking something that smells horrible on your breathe judging people who I encountered that drink and the fact that screws your brain up. I just want to drink butter beer or orange creme soda. That shit tastes way better than any alcoholic drink. =]

By  Geometric  |  18

Maybe to allay his concerns you should tell him that you will drink at first under his supervision as a way to show him that you are responsible enough to handle yourself, otherwise I don't see how you can get your ID back.

  darkhakai  |  18

There are plenty of ways to get the ID back, seeing as they are a grown adult. It'd be different if the father took it from an teen, however he has no actual legal say in whether his child has an ID and drinks it not.

  RydeOrDie  |  7

Acting like alcoholism is such a great disease? Yes, it can be genetically passed down to be more susceptible to it, but that's it. People over react.

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