By why / Wednesday 4 November 2015 01:13 / United States
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By  ashleighmay18  |  21

Getting out of a phone contract is ridiculous!

  CJinxed  |  10

Yes, and then in addition to the gym sending your debt to collections, your (former) bank will send your overdraft fees to collections. Is shirking your contractual obligations worth destroying your credit score?

By  account_to_poost  |  3

getting *in* to any contract is always easier than getting out. Its easier to get out of a gym membership than it is to get OUT of a mortgage. Thats why its called a *contract* - you are AGREEING to commit to something. Don't want to commit? DON'T enter the contract.

  Mpii  |  11

However, it still shouldn't be easier to get a house that to cancel an existing contract. In Switzerland the contract will very often state the price it costs to cancel an existig contract before it expires. This is often the case with phone contracts.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

It's a gym membership. The contract shouldn't be that difficult. Just because I sign a contract doesn't mean that I should be locked in for life (especially for something as irrelevant as a gym).


Today, I needed to pay off a $35 parking ticket. To try and get some sort of revenge, I went to the bank and got 3,500 pennies, dumped them into a bucket, and refused to pay with anything besides the pennies. They called the police. I was arrested and cited $147. FML

By Not_you17 / Friday 9 September 2011 04:04 / United States
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