By John Nani - / Sunday 25 December 2011 17:06 / United States
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  Akai_fml  |  4

These are the kind of parents who don't seem to realize their kids are going to move far away and never look back once they're 18.

Or maybe they do realize it and are hoping for just that.

Either way, sucks to be you OP.

By  AdrianEC  |  15

Chores on Christmas, that doesn't sound joyful.


Today, I was in the city newspaper for something I worked my ass off on. There was a picture of me working on my creation in the article with a caption, something like, "Chloe B, part of the robotics team." My name isn't Chloe, and I talked to the article writers. I haven't heard back at all. FML

By rainbowlack - / Thursday 17 November 2016 00:53 / Canada - Calgary
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