By sexaddict / Wednesday 7 January 2009 08:16 / France
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By  Imdead  |  0

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By  cndrow  |  0

To add to what the other sane posters have written: Be safe! and have fun. As long as you're responsible, there is nothing wrong with exploring yourself and others. Just remember being responsible not only covers you, but your partner as well.

  KrazyKatz3  |  26

Reputation is a really stupid thing to worry about. As long as the OP is being careful and using (good) condoms then that's the most anyone really can do. I agree if it's hurting her self esteem she should think about it but it sounds like she's having fun.

By  Rainbowsareshiny  |  0

"maybe you just found your new hobby" ...maybe well anyways, basically i don't think you're a slut you're just...........really into what you're doing. and well what can i say? unless you regret having sex with these 4(?) guys, just continue um and think about #40 (what they're saying, not them) haha good luck with that. maybe you can have your tubes tied? and trojans aren't the best brand so YAY sigh good luck.

By  ilyboo8909  |  0

wow! thats not a nympho.. more like whore!!! only 2 weeks and already 3 guys.. thats kinda.. jacked up!! try stayin with one guy [[thats good at it]].. and keep doin it all you want!!! my friend here n i are the true nymphos [[just not together!]]

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