By Kensie - / Wednesday 4 March 2009 21:48 / United States
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  iheartstewie7  |  5

I have a twin too (fraternal). My parents would also do something like that. That being said, I am the better looki...:P jk But take it as a messed up compliment. She's probably more tense/mean/pity-worthy(ugly) or they don't like her and want to get rid of her for a while.

  jazziue  |  0

Did you remind your mom,the woman who gave birth to BOTH of you, that you were twins and therefore looked excatly a like. And they could have given you more than $20.

By  Sean123  |  0

how pissed our u

By  rachelforgot2  |  0

hahahahaha thats funny! so yo uare the ugly twin? but if you were identical this would be even funnier cuz my gf has twin girls but they were not from the same cell, thus looking the alike but not totally like an identical twin would (one is cuter then the other, but both are cute!)

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