By crazytown62 / Tuesday 14 February 2012 15:32 / United States
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  LiveLaughFML  |  10

All day at school people were complaining about how they don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Get over it people! Guys - you still have your right hand and extra crash in your pocket that you didn't spend on a gift..


All day, I will be making to myself with my right hand, while the left hand celebrates Single Loser Awareness Day, feelings like he can't get his hands on the action, like billions of other left hands.

  Yak99  |  0

Im gonna ask a girl out in an hour or so wish me luck

By  j4gerb0mblitz  |  6


  j4gerb0mblitz  |  6

Ahaha you jelly?

  j4gerb0mblitz  |  6

Lol you guys are fucking pathetic.

  SecretMe00  |  5

2-- ignore these fuckers. Apparently they have nothing better to do than insult a random ass person online. You're handsome and I hope you had a good day with your valentine.

By  brownov6969  |  4

To bad son Fyl I'm not single haha

  brownov6969  |  4

I do not believe I made a grammatical error

  stevenJB  |  22

*signs name:Steven* XD


I'm not single...but I brought the entire twilight series. So you can thank me later. For now lets watch. *signs in*

  Torva_fml  |  16

Not sure why everyone is sad... Guys, find a lonely guy.... Girls, find a Horny guy.

Problem solved, judging by the thread, there are plenty of singles.

  The_Troller  |  14

I think WindowLicker was only trying to do something nice for us.

I don't know about you guys, but I always watch comedy movies to cheer up when I'm sad.


Today, after hours of waiting in line, I finally met my favorite band. After posing for a picture, I looked at my phone to find that instead of taking a picture with me and the band, my friend took selfies. FML

By simply_meeeee / Monday 20 July 2015 15:10 / United States - Glen Carbon
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