By RandomCoder1710 - / Sunday 4 June 2017 17:30 / India - Bangalore
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By  chessu  |  20

If you can get him to let you work remotely then of course - getting paid for staying in bed sounds amazing and go for it. But if it's between getting paid for nothing or not getting paid at all.. Don't push the 'doing nothing' too much. Rather, try to make arguments why making remotely would improve your results or something. And start looking for a new job or projects that fulfill you, because not doing anything (because office time 'nothing' is still quite limited) for a long time will make you go nuts eventually.

By  Lobby_Bee  |  15

Since you seem to be that unhappy with your current paid-to-do-nothing job. I would suggest you quit and search for another job. Then tell me where you work and put in a recommendation.

By  RichardPencil  |  24

Use your free time to learn something new. You need to master the art of looking busy, and as a programmer, there are endless opportunities to learn more to improve in your job or get another one. Managers like it when you look busy.

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