By buymeadrank - / Thursday 30 April 2009 15:11 / United States
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  Lemycakes  |  4

sweetie you dont get it if you arent a girl... having cramps is like having a little person in your body beating the hell out of your organs between your bellybutton and you know what..

  Vert90  |  11

Bitch please. Do you know how much it hurts to get kicked in the balls? It's like being electrocuted, run over by a steamroller and raped by a viking, ALL AT ONCE.


Don't call her a bitch you asshole. I bet you dont get kicked in the balls every single month! Cramps are living hell and "come with the package." Getting kicked in the balls happens when arrogant people like you piss people off.


Bitch please!! Do YOU know what its like to have cramps? No?? Then please shut the FUCK up and when you know what it is like to feel like a person is punching you inside and outside of your stomach and back while also stabbing you in the uterus, let us know how great it feels.

  V4ZQU3Z  |  0

good luck with your birthday sex! 

By  poison29  |  0

you're 21 and you got your first period? that can't be normal

  Rach_star  |  0

how is that not normal?!

  Shaebug12  |  0

actually 273 she probably didn't know what 257 said so y dnt u STFU!!!

By  Mabel1989  |  0

Oh goodness, I've had my period (with crippling cramps and nausea) on my birthday pretty much every year since I got my period. It's hell. I know how you feel...it does suck. Oh and #3...I think she means the first day of THIS particular period.

By  macaque_fml  |  0

#1 - it may be nature, but it's still a FML since it's on her 21st Birthday.
Nature's a bitch.

#3- She never said it was her first period ;)

Anyway hun, hope the painkillers kick in soon and (hopefully) have a happy birthday! (:

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