By Badkitty14 / Thursday 9 August 2012 20:16 / Canada - Mississauga
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By  xii_clueless  |  0

Well? Did you answer him?

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I agree with 4. When I was 210 pounds, my boyfriend at the time was really into me because I had the same characteristics of his mother. I soon found out I was almost as big as her too. It grossed me out. A lot of guys admit to going out with women who remind them of their mothers. Yet, a lot of women go after men who remind them of their fathers.

By  hatesfate  |  6

Doesn't matter had sex

  hatesfate  |  6

I don't go for ups or downs, I post to piss people like you off....


hatesfate: I come here to do two things: 1.) Crack jokes with the smarter commenters. 2.) To rip little shits like you a new one. Unfortunately I do #2 more than one, because of the sheer abundance of fools like yourself, so I do come across as serious more often. If you'd like it otherwise, then keep the stupid shit to yourself and tell your troll buddies to follow suit. Then you might see a change.

  pokefan813  |  16

94 - You're not "tearing little shits to shreds" We have moderators for that. You're just being a condescending prick who thinks he's better than most of the commenters here.

  hatesfate  |  6

I would be worried if you were having sex in the first place... Yer still too young! -gets off of parenting role- But you're right I would be worried about him too...

By  zombiebombatron  |  6

A new fucking son. *whappam!* hahaaa

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