By Jenn - / Friday 16 December 2016 00:50 /
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  tygerarmy  |  35

How is it unfair? As a lifeguard the OP may have to save that boy or someone that size, there's a standard. In the Army we do the same thing, I'm not a big guy and I've had to fireman's carry and drag guys more than twice my size. OP either needs better technique, to hit the gym, or find a new job.


A kid in my class weighed 300 pounds in 6th grade, which is about the age of a 12-year-old. He had an unfortunate thyroid problem and obviously was overweight before 6th grade, though I only found out the poor guy's actual weight when I accidentally overheard the PE teacher tell him during BMI tests. It may not be normal to weigh that much at such a young age, but it isn't impossible, especially with the growing obesity problem in America.

By  Baustigt  |  40

Well, with our ever-expanding obesity rates I'm sure this won't be an issue for long. Soon there'll be winches and pulleys installed at every beach, pool and floating bistro. Lifeguards will all be 400 pounds themselves and they'll be equipped with extra long sticks to prod floaters towards the pool edge without ever leaving the guard tower. This will be our greatest era, my willowy friend. Our greatest and our noblest and by far our most delicious.

By  Phxlife602  |  6

reminds of sandlot how that one kid with glasses pretend to drown but just wanted that lady lifeguard lol. Maybe being lifeguard ain't for you at least you tried

By  DanaeZee  |  15

I need a picture.

No, really, I am too damn confused how it ended like that.
I had to pull some really big guys out of the pool (just life saving practice) and I am quite petite myself but have no idea what went wrong with your try.

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