By batter--up - / Wednesday 17 February 2010 02:54 / United States
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  kayztastic  |  0

dude. that is totally my mom. she's threaten cops on my boyfriends. "if you put her in that car, I'm calling the cops". it's embarrassing. we broke up shortly after.

  Sionnach  |  10

"Today, after I ran off this lout trying to get his filthy paws all over my daughter, the ungrateful little bitch took the bat out of my hands and swung at me. FML" ;) Seriously, your mom sounds like an awful tool. FYL

  Reyo  |  2

The kid's a pussy. All he had was do was tell her that she'd better kill him or he's going to buy a brand new Corvette with her money.

  sucks4Udude  |  3

"Today, I was hanging out at the store when I saw a cute girl near her mom. I went over to flirt, and the mom grabbed a bat off the shelf and threatened to beat the shit out of me. I didn't get a date. fml." but seriously, fyl

  thorscope  |  0

my dates dad was cleaning a tippmann txp marker when I came to pick her up. I was like you into paintball? and he was like damn most of the guys don't know this is a marker not a gun. We have got along great after that.

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