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  MEMENTO.  |  7

Lol when I used to McDonalds I'd give the coffee discount to anybody who looked that they /could/ be over 55, even if I didn't know for sure. Why? It saved me the trouble of asking, and nooo manager was paying attention if I gave it to somebody under the age. And tbh there was many, many seniors who were so picky about getting their discount, it just became a habit. I don't think it's fair to say why the discount was issued, and for OP to assume they suddenly looked much older or something. I

By  hellraisedfire  |  34

maybe it's better for them to give you the discount instead of asking how old you are? I could see a lot of people getting really angry for someone asking their age. or maybe the cashier recognizes you and wanted to save you some money.

By  insanetyper  |  41

Reminds me of that Scrubs quote:

Carla: Wow. Well you better get cracking (on having kids), what are you, like forty-five?
Janitor: (Hurt look) Forty-three. I know I look a little older but that’s just because I drink and smoke heavily and work with chemicals and sleep on my face.

And he was pissed because she was two years off and he swore revenge.  Seriously, I wouldn't worry about it if you're five years off.  Twenty years, sure.  Although, when wo

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