By s0728 / Monday 1 September 2014 21:37 / United States - San Antonio
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  ItsFeztho  |  13

Its a lot like glitter glue, but its called hairy glue

By  jgwyh  |  18

Classic Murica comment.

  thefmlman2011  |  30

#3 aussie, aussie, aussie!

  Queensland  |  27

Oh shut up all of you, country bashing does nothing. We're all friends here!

27, oi oi oi !!

  Tomato_Cheese  |  22

Aussies wouldn't do that, Americans wouldn't, Aussies would chuck it on the barbie to get the hairs nice and crisp, then eat them. Americans would shoot the raspberry.

By  woainishamu  |  21

Yes! We use eatable mini glue dots. -_-


I find it funny that you've STILL. got NONE for trying to be a "like" whore. Jealous much?

By  PiinkVanilla  |  15

"Raspberries don't actually have hair on them. It's just my pubic hair. :)"

By  abattior  |  18

wow he's that stupid :O

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