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Very rude. At the minimum, she ought not to refer to the prizes her organization is raffling in a derogatory manner no matter how she personally feels about the item. It's unprofessional. From the friendship perspective, you now have been given a big glimpse into her "inner workings". Feel free to react accordingly.


In Australia organised IS spelt correctly with a 's' instead of a 'z' Just like we spell 'mum' instead of 'mom'


So, a real friend is someone who either hurts your feelings by immediately telling you that your gift is crap or is that someone who obsessively holds on to everything you gave them no matter what?

IAtleast its not like your her aunt and for christmas you gave her a leaking wrapped up lump of Jell-o and captured her cat in a box and wrapped that up for good measure just in case the jell-o wasnt enough.

Most men would be publically embarrassed to get something called a Snuggie, but we would all privately love the hell out of it!

A guy I knew had a birthday not long before mine. He got a present which he thought was crap. And he broke. So he wrapped it up and gave it to me for my birthday without saying anything. FHL for being ungrateful.

I have 3 Snuggies in 3 different colors, you'd be insane not to love a Snuggie as a gift. OP, my guess is you are a crappy gift giver.

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