By Anonymous - / Monday 27 February 2012 12:29 / United States
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By  _BradyBunch_  |  7

Time to buy the toilet paper yourself?

  ryry013  |  6

The comments on this FML are so bad...

  ugottabkidn  |  0

Im also allergic to certain types of tp, they use harsh chemicals to make the tp dissolve better in the drain. Its not only the cheap stuff either. Try white cloud tp from walmart. Its hypo allergenic!

  ryry013  |  6

I didn't mean comments in reply to this comment, specifically I meant comments 2-5, because while I was here half of them were hidden from having above -10 votes. People seem to have changed their mind and now like them. Sorry for confusion

By  DanniMal87  |  3

or a stinky vagina???

  kushsmokee  |  0

Lol someone needs to scrub the shit outa that stinky pussy

  immaMonsta  |  8

Ha, I bet you all drove 59 crazy (:

By  slayfire122  |  19

TP his car.


I see what you did there...
I dislike those commercials, they try to make the whole whiping your ass proccess cute

  soopafreak  |  11

Whipping your ass with Charmin?

By  groupleader  |  7

C'mere, I'll take care of that itch for ya...

  wittygirl  |  8

Lol good one

By  LilKriminal  |  0

Blue waffle...

By  baseballplaya5  |  7

It also sucks for your boyfriend.

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