By awalc / Tuesday 20 December 2011 17:48 / United States
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By  FMLandurstoo  |  9

Mmmhmmm "glued?"

  Gayrome  |  4

162-I was gonna say...I would tottalllyy eat them off your dick! But then I realized that's a tottally inaapropiate thing to say on a public thread. So I'll just settle with a good ol' "LOL" xD

By  CurlyChica808  |  4

Ouch. Sorry dude:(


Atleast they werent on his dick.. Lol jk, Not eve one could fit.

  GingerKid14  |  3

I love skittles! Heads up!

(horrible combination of a bad pun and almost a Family Guy reference)
Bring on the angry thumbs.

  SilverInGray  |  25

Skittles are gross.

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